How you can create websites at the speed of light

Published on February 10, 2017 by Berlinda Nadarajan

It’s an ongoing battle that marketing and web teams at large businesses have to deal with. You are expected to deliver the impossible. Like launch a global campaign in three weeks. You need a new campaign website, with interactive elements and videos, new images and content, and all this in several languages. Here’s how Magnolia’s light development features make it happen.



Less reliance on the busy Java devs

Marketing teams often agonize over how long it takes web teams to deliver a working version of a new website: We gave them everything -- the creative concept, design, graphic elements and text -- why does it take them so long? We’re an enterprise with resources and processes, yet we’re fighting to keep up with start-ups who can launch and update their websites at lightning speed.

A common bottleneck is the availability of Java developers. If you have some on staff, they are typically in high demand and busy with other projects. If you don’t have any, they can be very hard and expensive to hire.

But what if you could jump into a project at the front-end? Have the freedom to move at the speed you want? With light development, Java skills are only required for custom integrations and sophisticated business logic. All the common bread-and-butter tasks can be completed by front-end developers. This means you can roll out your new features with the staff you likely already have. For many projects, there is no Java development required.


Improved collaboration

When your project does require Java development - it will still be completed faster. Java developers can focus on actual Java development instead of wrangling files. Meanwhile, front-end developers can do their templating work independently and deliver it in the new light module format, without the bottleneck of waiting for the Java developers’ assistance. The clear separation of responsibilities makes life easier for everyone.


Up to five times faster

Web teams love light development because this agile tool empowers them to get on with the job. You can be up to five times faster than before when it comes to creating templates for presenting content, defining dialogs for editors to use when entering content, or managing resources like CSS, Javascript and images. Creating templates, previously a back-end task, can now be taken on by the front-end. Magnolia’s new CLI gives you the power to set up new projects, modules and templates with a single command.


Quick to learn

It turns out you do need new staff for your project? No problem. Front-end developers are easier to find and hire because more people have these skills. And it's quick to onboard devs on your project. Because light development is based on common front-end paradigms, they already understand how most of it works. Devs can learn the basics in an hour. And they can use all the familiar tools, editors and techniques that they know and love.


Create sites and features in weeks or days

What about marketing teams eager to speed up the rest of the website implementation? You just want to flow the content in, but you need the tree structure, page templates and apps to be in place. As front-end devs can now handle these common tasks, you can get started in a much shorter time and at lower costs.


Free up creative energies

Let’s face it. We all love working with tools that are quick, accurate and spot-on in getting us the results that we want. Light development is like wielding an agile sabre that gets your websites finished on time, on target and within budget. It means that you’ll have more time and resources for the things that really matter.

To marketing and web teams out there: If you’re struggling to launch sites even faster, find out how light development can help. Watch this video. If you’ve used light development, why not contact us to share your success story?


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