How to become the Amazon of offline retail

Published on August 19, 2015 by Boris Kraft

No exaggeration, it really is possible. While Amazon is famous for offering personalized shopping experiences, it hasn’t yet completely taken over the retail world.

When the online giants began to take more of the shopping pie, retailers started to panic that it was the end of bricks and mortar stores. It’s true that they’ve taken a big piece of the pie, and transformed the retail landscape at the same time. However over 90% of retail sales are still made in bricks and mortar stores, according to emarketer.

That doesn’t mean that showrooming isn’t happening. People are still checking out products in stores and then buying them online. However, there’s also been a growth in webrooming, with consumers researching products online but then choosing to buy them in-store.


Offering personalized offline experiences

As a retailer, how can you benefit from this? It’s not just about offering great service - that’s a given.  You need to provide customers with the type of personalized enriched shopping experience they’ve got used to online.

The savviest retailers will already know that they need to provide a seamless shopping experience which blurs the lines between online and offline. For your customers, every touchpoint should give them a great experience of your brand. They want to be able to shop in-store, online, wherever they are.


Harness the Internet of Things

One of your biggest allies in creating these seamless customer experiences is the Internet of Things (IoT). With the explosion of mobile phones and tablets, customers are able to make product and brand comparisons right in the middle of your store. When you add beacons into the equation, you’re able to offer personalized offline experiences from the moment a loyal customer enters your store right through to when they log on to your site to check out your offers.

I’ve written a full article about the blurred lines between online and offline retail for Total Retail. Check it out to find out about using the Oculus Rift, ipads and beacons to create seamless shopping experiences, online and offline.


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