Magnolia NOW: Your questions answered

Published on February 2, 2017 by Boris Kraft

Magnolia NOW packs our agile, enterprise-grade Magnolia CORE CMS into a ready-to-rock cloud-based service. Following our webinar introducing this latest cloud-based solution, we’ve put together answers to the most popular questions asked.



Customization and integration

I can see the focus is more on front-end work. Imagine a scenario where custom integration with a third-party system, and custom back-end work, needs to be done. Does Magnolia NOW support registering of custom Magnolia modules?

At the moment, Magnolia NOW is geared to support customers who do not need custom back-end integration. You can achieve many things through front-end integrations. We also support custom apps via light development. Combining JavaScript and custom apps should get you pretty far. In the mid-term, we plan to release a public API for custom back-end integrations (no jar modules). If you have high-end enterprise needs and want to use Magnolia NOW instead of Magnolia CORE, consider our soon-to-be-released NOW+ offering, where we take care of managing custom jar modules for you.


Is it possible to add Java-based Magnolia modules as well, aside from the demonstrated light modules?

Consider Magnolia NOW as an as-is service that can be customized and extended outside of the product itself. Only by controlling the exact environment and setup, can we offer functionality not available outside of NOW. See the above answer for more details on Java modules.


Do you offer a content delivery network (CDN)?

Magnolia NOW in its first incarnation does not come with a ready-integrated CDN. We are happy to discuss your needs around CDN and how you want us to support it.


Development and deployment

Is the point/click content replication and staged promotion a feature that can be added to the on-premise Magnolia CORE? That would fit nicely into our existing release process.

The functionality NOW provides in addition to CORE is only available through tightly controlling the deployment, in other words, we can only do that in the setup. This is why the Magnolia NOW cockpit and underlying developer operations are only available in Magnolia NOW. It is what makes NOW such a compelling offering.


I think that the point about outstanding front-end developer support is really important. So many small to medium agencies are struggling with PHP/Unix/MySQL turnover.

We agree. That’s why Magnolia has been pushing light development features that empower front-end developers to work much easier and faster with a tool chain they already know and love.


Why do you want us to edit files, instead of generating them?

We support the native workflow of front-end developers including all of their tooling. If this includes tools to generate files, Magnolia NOW can cover this as well.


Why do you want us to edit YAML files instead of using a generator?

You can use Magnolia CLI to assist you with creating the YAML files. Using an editor that supports YAML syntax will also help avoid mistakes. This keeps light development as simple and fast as possible. Magnolia is built to support multiple parallel developer teams, and their need to version-control code. This requires actual files to be checked in.


Testing and workflow

I'd like to learn more about testing.

You can use the integration and user acceptance testing (UAT) environments provided by Magnolia NOW for testing. Multiple development teams can use the same infrastructure in the production environment to test integrations and to run front-end automated tests. You can also use the UAT environment to perform user acceptance tests on the latest code.


Can production data be synchronized with UAT when an editor makes changes on production?

Yes, but only on demand, as this allows more control.


Hosting and uptime

Is the Live environment up 100% even if there are back-end updates?

Yes, we guarantee zero downtime during updates or upgrades of the back-end.


Do you offer hosting inside the EU? Inside Germany? This is for data protection reasons.

Yes, we plan to run Magnolia NOW on servers based in Europe, the US and Asia within the next 12 months.


Where is Live hosted? Is it possible to choose a server provider?

The best-practice setup, continuous delivery, automated backups, update mechanisms etc. that make up Magnolia NOW are all only available because we tightly control the setup. That is why we cannot host NOW with other providers.



How is the pricing for Magnolia NOW structured?

Over time, we plan to offer various packages of Magnolia NOW at different price points for different needs. The first package we plan to make available is aimed at the majority of our customers -- large organizations with multiple brands, locations, sites or languages and typically large teams. These customers often work with multiple suppliers, need to test before they go live, constantly innovate, want a fast time to market and to benefit from best-practice setups.

Our goal is to ship a better product at a better price faster than anything our customers could build on their own.


Support and documentation

When will the documentation be updated?

Full documentation will be available once Magnolia NOW is released to the public.


Why isn’t Magnolia inside the Gartner report?

Magnolia is mentioned in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant document as a viable alternative to the systems listed in the quadrant itself. Entering the quadrant depends on company revenue, not product quality. We haven’t yet reached the revenue numbers needed to make that jump. Your business helps us to get there, though. And the quality of Magnolia gets you where you want to be. Be part of taking Magnolia to the next level: you get quality products, we reach the revenue numbers, and we all win.

View the Magnolia NOW webinar


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