The top challenges of the digital age

Published on October 27, 2015 by Boris Kraft

I’m a big believer in digital transformation, but the digital age has its challenges, and they go far beyond multi-channel content management.

I’m convinced that no matter what your company does, you can’t stay in business if you’re not ready to disrupt your business. It’s no longer about making sure you have a top-notch website or even about making sure that your digital presence is multi-channel and mobile-responsive. These things are a given.

A lot of organizations think ‘digital transformation’ and get out a list of ‘digital things to do’. However, they have to dig much deeper than that, and think about new ways of using digital advances to change business models, internal processes and how they interact with customers. That’s how companies like Domino’s Pizza and Christie’s Auction House are managing to succeed.

Managing digital transformation in your company is easier said than done, especially since it’s something that affects all the processes of the company and therefore needs deep understanding and support from the top level down.

I’ve identified a list of the top challenges that businesses face in the digital age. In a later post, I’ll look at some of the opportunities posed by the digital revolution.



1. Meeting expectations of customers in the digital age: The mobile, always-on generation  don’t want to wait in line for services anymore. Instead, they want to be able to arrange their whole lives online.

2. Finding and keeping the people who can digitally transform a company: Designing customer interactions is as much an art as it is a skill. The best people will naturally be drawn to companies that do interesting, cutting edge stuff. that means that companies that want digital success need to become technology companies.

3. Managing the omni-channel reality: New devices, IoT, in-car entertainment, the Apple watch, wifi on airplanes… all add together to make a fragmentation of channels. That means that companies need to standardise on the inside with a digital business platform to keep track of what is happening across all these channels and maintain unified brand messaging.

4. Big data: Companies need to get consumer confidence on this issue, as many consumers are turned off by hyper-personalized offers that seem to invade their personal space.

Want more? I’ve written a full article about the biggest digital challenges and opportunities facing businesses today for digital marketing magazine.

(Cover photo by Joshua Earle, Unsplash)


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