When does mobile commerce make sense?

Published on September 18, 2015 by Boris Kraft

This month, I wrote on CMSWire about achieving mobile conversions - the latest challenge faced by retailers.

As smartphones and tablets continue to become ever more prevalent, businesses are competing with each other to break the code of using mobile to sell.

Your customers buy on mobile when it makes sense to them because it’s quick and convenient. So for the travel industry, it makes sense for customers to buy tickets and related service on the move.

But it’s not just in travel where you can manage to get mobile conversions. If you’ve ever been to an event where beacons are used, then you’ll know what a powerful tool they can be in boosting your e-commerce efforts. Major League Baseball rolled out iBeacons in 28 of its 30 ballparks across the US so fans could use the app not just to check in, but also to buy seat upgrades and merchandize.

And in retail too, beacons can help you get ahead in mobile if you follow the example of companies like Hillshire Brands, who sent shoppers discount coupons or ads for their Craft sausages when the shopper approached that section of the store, making them “20 times more likely to buy”.

Japan is leading the way in mobile e-commerce by awarding shoppers points when they buy on mobile sites.

Don’t cannibalize your retail efforts

However, is that really what you want? Surely the whole point of mobile is not to cannibalize your other retail efforts, but instead to act as one possible channel in a strategy that stretches across channels?

In other words, yes, it’s great if you can achieve conversion, but don’t get too hung up on it. Mobile is only one part of  the buying journey according to Criteo, who have found that 40 percent of e-commerce transactions are now cross device, meaning consumers use multiple devices to access sites prior to purchase.

To find out more, read my article on CMSWire.

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