Google Analytics visualization demo

Published on October 7, 2014 by Christopher Zimmermann

Karel de Witte from the Magnolia Services team recently delivered a proof of concept demonstrating how to pull time-series data from a REST service and render it in a new app. 

We have Google Analytics tracking tags installed on our demo installation running at The data generated from this public website is being pulled from the Google Analytics REST service, and being displayed in two places; as a new column in the Pages app (showing a summary value for the page), and in a new Analytics Demo app which graphs the data via the charting library.

The demo is a nice showcase of a few of the key values of Magnolia. First and foremost it hilights the flexibility and integration-friendliness of the platform. It demonstrates the “task focused” user interface with a new app for the data visualization – and it shows how apps can link to one another via a custom action.

It also illustrates how a developer has complete freedom in creating a Magnolia application. Of course we provide the standard “content app” out of the box – but you can also do anything you want in your apps. Vaadin provides a very natural and effective way to construct user interfaces in pure Java code.

We made a short video to demonstrate the functionality + a few hints on how it was put together.

Try it yourself, or check out the code! Information at


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