How cotoolz for Magnolia can speed up your development team

Published on June 20, 2016 by Guest blogger

When we first considered using Magnolia as the CMS for our customer projects, I was thrilled. Magnolia was everything I was looking for:

  • It was based on Java
  • It has an active and professional community
  • It offers us great flexibility while providing a user friendly authoring experience

All seemed great until I tried to find the tools for building Magnolia sites fast. I went ahead and asked in the Magnolia Forums, only to find out that, until then, there was no tooling. 

For me, tooling is an essential part of any platform. In my opinion it is very hard for a team to successfully ship products without the support of excellent tooling. You wouldn't want your car mechanic fixing your car with a hammer and an old rusty screwdriver, would you? 



Well, if there was no tooling, we were left with the following options:

1. Not use Magnolia

2. Proceed but without the tooling

3. Build the tools we needed ourselves.

So I can announce that we chose the latter. My team and I dedicated time to specify, architect and build the first dedicated Magnolia development tools on the market: Cotoolz for Magnolia. 

Cooltoolz for Magnolia has a ton of features that make the lives of a Magnolia Developer so much easier! It can validate your YAML project definitions on the fly, give you code assists and it makes code navigation as easy as clicking a hyperlink. And we support the latest versions of both IntelliJ and Eclipse. See it in action!

We eat our own dogfood and use cotoolz ourselves to build our clients' Magnolia sites faster and with fewer errors. It speeds up coding and helps us find mistakes early in the life cycle saving us time and nerves ;-)  

If you are interested, get a trial from Cotoolz.

What do you do to speed up your team? 




Benno Baumgartner 

Benno Baumgartner is the CTO of Comerge. Before joining Comerge he was part of the Eclipse Java Development Tooling Team at IBM Rational. Benno loves to travel in his custom built offroader and is passionate about building rock solid developer tools. 


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