By popular demand: Magnolia's campaign management app, continued

Published on January 1, 2015 by Jan Haderka

It seems that campaign management is my readers’ Achilles’ heel. I got a truly overwhelming number of requests and comments from many of you in private.

This leads me to speculate that you struggle with managing campaigns efficiently - so I took your most requested changes to heart and revisited the app to deliver them to you.


#1 Ability to add multiple items to a campaign at once

You can now select multiple items and add them to a campaign at once. That will likely save you some clicking around. To be perfectly honest, If I had known how much of a hassle it would be to create an action that accepts multiple selected items and passes them through to commit the action in the dialog, I would have probably chosen the easy way out and said that it’s not possible in the current version of Magnolia. Anyway, it’s done now! 

#2 Create new campaigns on the fly
If you want to create a campaign out of a selection, rather than create a campaign first and then add items to it, that’s possible now. Not only can you select an existing campaign to add your selected items to, but you can create a new campaign on the fly. A newly created campaign will be named after the first item in your selection.


#3 Include referenced resources when adding a page into a campaign
As many of you rightfully pointed out, it’s a pain to remember what resources need to be published with a page, so as of now, you can tell Magnolia to simply include the resources referenced in a given page in the campaign as well. Just don’t be surprised when the amount of items in your campaigns grows faster than before :)

#4 Preview for assets
When you have assets included in your campaign, you can preview them in the bottom right corner just as if you were in the asset app.


#5 Split existing campaigns

Has it ever happened to you that some task just grew too big and that you had to split a campaign in two? Or that you suddenly had to make one part available faster? Or do you need to delegate a part of a bigger job to someone else? Now you can easily split one campaign in two or more parts, just by selecting items you want to separate and clicking on “Split Campaign”.

Once you do so, not only do you have 2 campaigns, but the second one has still all items selected, should you need to further act on them (for example review).


#6 Merge campaigns
Made a split by mistake? Or taking over something from a colleague of yours? Planning to publish two micro campaigns at the same time? All of this can be achieved by simply selecting two or more campaigns at the same time and clicking “Merge Campaigns”.  Voilà - multiple campaigns are now one.

#7 Campaign archiving
Do you get sentimental about your achievements, and want to keep some memory of past campaigns? Or are you not sure if you will need to revisit a campaign that just finished, but you don’t want it to clutter the selection because there’s many active campaigns in place already? Now you can mark it as archived and simply remove it from view, while keeping it in a folder in the app.


I hope that this covers some of your most urgent needs right now. All that remains is for me to wish you a few more great days in 2014 - I promise slash hope that more good stuff will follow in 2015 :).

Have fun!


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