Introducing Magnolia’s IBM Marketing Cloud connector

Published on October 15, 2015 by Jan Haderka

IBM Marketing Cloud is a cloud-based digital marketing platform that provides email marketing, lead management and mobile engagement solutions.

In other words, it can be the key to providing exceptional experiences for customers across the buyer journey. Sounds good, right? That’s what we thought, too, so we built a connector to IBM Marketing Cloud - meaning that customers of both products can use them in concert. Here are some scenarios that digital marketers might run into - and where the connector will help them do their job better. 


I need to capture leads from my organization’s website and react to them (e.g. put them in my CRM). I need to connect those users with the leads I obtained from other sources.

Simply select a shared database from IBM Marketing Cloud, and Magnolia will render its fields as a form for visitors to fill in. Select a target for download, be it a case study, a brochure or some other collateral. Or simply use the fields in your generic contact form or another place where you allow your users to opt in. Magnolia’s connector will generate website forms from those fields and capture the information visitors provide. If you realize you need to change this later, it’s not a problem either. As soon as you add the required fields to your Marketing Cloud database, Magnolia will redo and update the forms immediately. The information is then submitted to Marketing Cloud for further nurturing. Furthermore, as soon as a user opts in, Magnolia will follow him or her and submit tracking info into Marketing Cloud for further scoring of the user.


I need to focus on optimizing our site and our campaigns. I don’t have time to go and change all the forms on the website every time Sales decide they want to capture a new piece of information from people downloading our materials. Therefore, I want Sales to be able to quickly adjust the information I collect about leads from our website, to structure it differently, adjust their scoring and generally convert them to customers at a higher success rate.

If I update a form in Marketing Cloud, it is automatically updated on the site, without the need to involve Sales. Form fields are built by Magnolia using standard design elements and are therefore styled in the exact same way as the rest of the website.


I need to inform my customers about important changes in my product. I want to distribute our product newsletter to all leads and customers. I want to provide this information in a nice, easy-to-consume way, just as if they were looking at my website.

Build your newsletter in Magnolia’s intuitive pages app, as a web page. Use Magnolia’s Marketing Cloud connector to distribute your email newsletter to the lists defined in Marketing Cloud - meaning that your message will reach the most relevant target groups.


I need to make our website more relevant to different groups of visitors. I need to personalize content based on the information I have about them and lead them to content that answers questions they might have, depending on their position in the customer journey.

Magnolia’s IBM Marketing Cloud connector exposes all the information that you have in your Marketing Cloud lead database, so that your marketing team can use it within Magnolia to personalize content. The connector further exposes information about the ranking of any given lead. Exposing additional information is possible by building extra traits, following the example of those that are already available.

We hope that you enjoy this new connector - get in touch if you'd like to share your digital marketing success story, we'd be happy to feature you on the blogs. And if you're interested in connectors to other marketing automation and CRM systems, check out this press release or our integration page.

If you want to see the connector in action, check out this video. 


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