It's Friday, isn't that exciting?

Published on April 28, 2017 by Jan Haderka

It’s just another Friday at Magnolia.


And while it’s a working day like any other, it’s still special and different to what I’ve experienced in other places. You don’t know what I mean? Read this transcript of the conversation:

---- Friday April 28, 2017 ----

[8:30 AM] Rasmus: 

        @here I've just tested the article-editor-1.0.3-SNAPSHOT bundle. I have to say that is just seriously smashing! 
        Thanks a mill for all of your thoroughness and attention to detail here. I've done a ton of research in this 
        realm of author experience & structured/unstructured content & editorial workflows—and I think we quite frankly 
        have something no one else has with the Stories app. Several of the external reviewers have confirmed that... 
        With the changes coming to the collapsible fields, this is going to be extremely cool tbh.

[9:42 AM] Rasmus Skjoldan: 

        I just discovered I even didn't use the latest :-)

[10:13 AM] Anja: 

        @here Thanks Rasmus and also from my side it's really enjoyable composing articles and playing around. I 
        really like it. Rasmus check out the latest version with the Inline-Picker, it's really cool. <Client> was 
        very positive also. He appreciated being able to write in such a flexible way and he loved the URL block with 
        the preview that unfurls which is an important feature and makes embedding content so easy and fast.

[11:11 AM] Rasmus Skjoldan: 

        I'm now testing the latest with they flyout for adding new blocks. This is just seriously uber cool!


Just a few lines of casual talk. Yet look at it. Can you feel it lifting your spirit? Those people are seriously excited by what their other colleagues produce. While in many places you see a downward spiral of criticism, skepticism and resignation to it, here it’s different. What we managed to do is quite the opposite. This kind of feedback and excitement just makes you want to deliver more and faster and better. You can feel your heart warming when you get positive feedback, when you see that someone appreciates what you do, when you see that result of your work is making others happy and excited.

Let’s just keep this spirit and momentum. Let’s try to ride this wave of excitement. This is what can keep us warm when we hit obstacles and hard days. Remember this. We can do things that not only our clients like, but that make us excited internally within our company, within our team. What better validation of our efforts can we get than this?

BTW if you are wondering what the excitement is all about - it’s the new Content Editor that we have delivered for the first time with Magnolia 5.5.3 and for which we're preparing more and more improvements as we speak. Just wait a bit longer to see it and check out how to work with it once we publish the documentation. You’ll see why we are so excited about it! If you need to do a lot of editing, I’m sure it will get you excited too. 


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