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Published on May 3, 2017 by Jan Schulte

Launching and managing a multinational site can be a slow and expensive task when it comes to translating your content into multiple languages for different regions. If you are in a complex multi-site, multi-affiliate, multi-store environment, translations can really become a nightmare.

You have to organize and manage different translators, distribute your content and, of course, manually check on status and progress. If you need to change that content at any stage, then tracking updates and modifying translated content becomes an unwieldy and expensive task. The nightmare grows if you have different cost centers for different sites or pages and have to allocate translation costs to the right profit centers.

Another huge issue is that copying and pasting content is time-consuming, but more importantly, prone to human error.

Not anymore with Magnolia’s new integration with that builds the translation process automatically into your CMS.

So let's see what we can do with this new tool:

  • Project management
  • Scope change management, including:

-Resubmissions of content

-Cancellations of content

Centralized project management

If you manage translation projects, you will have to:

  • Monitor translation status - track reviews and approvals
  • Manage due dates
  • Allocate internal costs

Imagine that you are in a complex multi-site setup:

You’re juggling different projects on your sites like launching a new campaign, adding a new subsidiary or introducing a new range of products. Part of your team is adding new content for the new ‘Back to School’ campaign while another part is crafting content for a new subsidiary in Paris.

To meet the launch deadlines, you have to make sure that the master content is ready to get translated at a certain point in time.

If you don’t have a translation process tightly integrated into your content management, then you have to battle the following problems:

  • Where to find reliable translators who are available right now
  • How to grant these translators access to the master content

If you’re lucky, you’ll have the staff at your company to do the translations for all required languages. In this case, you can give them access to the matching pages.

But more likely than not, you won’t have internal translation support, which means that you have to export the content. Magnolia’s existing translation module can be a great help for this. However, you still have to coordinate with the translators and send the files over.

The next step is to make sure that the translation files are returned on time for all required languages. You might even have internal processes for checking and reviewing the translations. Then you finally have to import the whole bunch of returned translation files.

But just your luck, in the meantime, the business requirements will almost definitely have changed quite a bit. Meaning you’ll need to make some changes in the translations. So go back to 0 and start again.

Let’s see how this process could run better with the new Translation Submit app:

In the translation submit app, you see all translation requests grouped into translation batches.

Once your content is complete, you simply select the target languages as well as the due date. That's it, all you have to do now is to approve the translation batch.

You will be notified once the translations are back. If there is a change in business requirements, then you can just cancel the translation request before the content is translated and save your company some money.

If some sentences change, just resubmit the translation batch. The translation memory in builds a store of translated words and phrases over time and re-uses these, so you just have to pay for the changed or added content. That way you can save a hefty amount of money and time.

On top, you can see the status of your translation request (Sent, In progress, Received, Imported or Canceled) with a single look without skimming through mails or extra tools.

Cost allocation

If you work in a large corporation, you probably have to deal with different cost centers that need to be billed depending on the site or even subsite. Again, Magnolia’s translation module makes that easy. All you have to do is to configure the different accounts that are used for And then once you approve the translation request, all you have to do is select the matching account.... It really is as simple as that.


Dealing with tight timelines

Sometimes it happens that your deadlines are very tight. This is where due dates come in quite handy. You can fast-track the translation requests by setting firm due dates. Urgent jobs usually mean higher translation costs, but you’ll have the overview to manage your translation jobs. You can also configure the process to accept translations as soon as they are done, hence skipping the extra time for a review which might slow you down from getting that translated content live.


Change management

If you are in the hot phase of your project, business demands could change and affect content already submitted for translation. Because you don’t want to pay for unneeded translations, you can cancel the request in Magnolia with a single click.

Your content is going to change quite a bit over time. The good thing is that comes with integrated translation memory. This means that when you submit a page or records from a content app for translation, you only have to pay for the new and changed content and not for already translated texts.


Setting the right tone of voice

Based on the target audience and intended market, the tone of voice in your translations can differ quite substantially. This is where the translation submit dialog helps. You can send detailed instructions as well as notes to the translators to make sure that your requirements are met.


Translation projects run smoother and faster

Managing translations well is no mean feat and Magnolia’s integration is there to help make your translation projects easier and smoother. Contact us for a demo or click here for more details about the translations module.



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