How collaboration and flexibility can help you increase leads and sales

Published on October 23, 2015 by Lorraine Chandler

I’ll bet you’d like to increase your organization’s leads and sales, right?

Because it’s hard to get new customers, even when you’re the best in your industry. It’s hard to attract them and it’s even harder to sell to them - and then retain them.

Marketing teams nowadays have a tool for every task, but sometimes what they really need in their organizations is more flexibility and collaboration. That’s what leading eye care company VSP experienced when it adopted Magnolia to manage the web content for its Eyefinity group.


Freedom for the marketing team

Before Magnolia, the marketing team had to undertake a long process whenever it needed to add or edit content on its website. Editors couldn’t create or edit content on their own, but had to depend on developers.

However, when they adopted Magnolia, they were suddenly able to work independently, meaning they could get content published in minutes, rather than weeks. They were also easily able to collaborate with each other, even when they weren’t in the same place, since they could log in from anywhere. Marketing managers could start with page concepts, and then get designers to add a bit of pizzazz. With Magnolia’s workflow, project owners could get an alert to approve material before going live. As a result, each member of the team could contribute her bit to create a great site experience.


Being ready for digital business

“There is nothing permanent except change,” said Heraclitus about 2,500 years ago. Can you imagine what the poor guy would say now if he had to talk about our rapidly changing world? As we keep hearing, digital transformation isn’t a question of when, but of how. You have to figure out how to integrate the growing number of tools, and get the most out them for multi-channel experiences. 

VSP found it easy to implement integrations with Act-On, Salesforce and Google Analytics. As a result, the marketing team could use their marketing automation tool Act-On to get lead generation forms live within minutes. The contact results go straight into Salesforce for sales teams to follow up in real time, allowing them to convert leads efficiently. 

The marketing team can also use Google Analytics to check how successful promotions are, and to gauge whether they need to tweak their efforts to get more traffic. Because Magnolia enables new integrations at any time, they can adapt new tools to keep ahead of the market. 

Since they’ve started using Magnolia, VSP has been able to work in a more agile way, from developing and deploying a message to testing and improving it, resulting in more effective and relevant messages. It’s no surprise that the marketing team has seen an increase in lead generation and sales.

It’s great to have the latest tools, but if you really want to make sure that your company has the flexibility and collaborative potential it needs to succeed, you have to think about what’s at the heart of all these tools, and that’s exactly where you need a digital business platform. 

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