Alior Bank boosts online sales with Magnolia

Published on June 12, 2017 by Marek Lesiak

In 2015 Alior Bank decided to reinvent its website making use of the very latest trends and technologies in web design. The main goal of this project was to boost online sales through the website and allow customers to use the website and create a consistent experience for all of its customers, no matter what type of a device they use. The new site was designed and implemented in partnership with Efigence.


A big project with results beyond expectations

Nowadays a bank’s website has become the first step in the sales process. Promoting products in digital channels – on desktop, tablet or mobile – is simply the most effective and profitable way. That’s why it is essential for a website to be user friendly, easy to navigate and support sales. And those are the main features of Alior Bank’s new website, run on Magnolia.

The bank’s products and services are presented on using intuitive product pages; users get relevant information and content that fits their needs best. During the project Alior Bank and Efigence worked on the site’s usability, look, design, content, wording, search engine optimisation and new sales opportunities.

The site’s main navigation tool is a semantic search engine, similar to the most popular search engines. It allows the user to look for information in an intuitive and untutored way, giving access to content that the customer needs: predicting and suggesting words and phrases; guiding the user to a relevant search result. Launching the new website resulted in both great site statistics and great sales.


Alior Bank & Efigence – both with innovation in their DNA

Alior Bank – a Polish universal bank – is a leader in innovation on the local market. Its website is visited by an average of 1,7 million users per month, with over 20% of visits from users visiting the site for the first time. Alior Bank launched a “Digital Disruptor” strategy for 2017-2020 to become even more innovative and customer-friendly.  The bank will implement new digital solutions facilitating online sales of products and services, and invest an additional 400 million Polish Zloty in IT and innovation to guide clients safely through the technological revolution in the banking industry.

From the moment of launching, Alior Bank's technology partner has been Efigence. Together they launched a number of innovative and successful projects, among others a desktop and mobile version of its currency exchange platform. Efigence is a company specializing in designing customer experience, delivering and implementing innovative technologies and providing consulting services in the field of innovation for banks and financial services.


Results that went beyond expectations

The effects of the new website have gone far beyond expectations – both website statistics and sales results prove that. 

Alior Bank’s products are among the first search results for the most important banking phrases such as account, loan, online account etc. and there was no decrease in Google search results at the time of transition. What’s more – the bank increased the share of mobile traffic on its website by 33%, organic search traffic reached 45% and the time spent on the website increased to 5 minutes 30 sec.

Alior Bank’s online loan sales increased by 42% and account sales by 24% - (last 5 months of previous version of website (Mar-Jul 2015) vs. the first 5 months of the current version of the bank website (Aug-Dec 2015)).



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About the author Marek Lesiak

Marek Lesiak is President & CTO of Efigence. Marek Lesiak – President & CTO in Efigence Responsible for technology development, project management of key contracts, budgeting and controlling of IT department. He has designed web solutions since 1999. Fintech evangelist experienced in innovative products development. Graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology, majoring in Electrical Engineering. Efigence is a technology company specializing in designing customer experience, delivering and implementing innovative technologies and providing consultancy in the field of innovation for banks and financial services. Efigence builds web and mobile internet banking platforms with friendly and always tailor-made UI/UX, a forecaster module, a payment and transactions automation module, a seamless journey integration package and semantic search. Efigence combines all these tools within one complete financial platform that supports our customers' businesses, helps them stand out from the competition and increases customer satisfaction at the same time. Its innovation driven skills have already been implemented by Alior Bank, mBank, BNP Paribas, Idea bank,, Emirates NBD, Nordea. Efigence’s projects are multi-awarded: Finovate Europe Best of show, Efma – Distribution & Marketing Innovation Awards, Celent Model Bank Awards, The BAI Global Banking Innovation Awards, FinTech 50.

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