Magnolians master the snowplough: ski lessons in Zermatt

Published on January 5, 2017 by Rebekkah Laeuchli

Our user study of a beginners’ lesson indicates that learning to ski is hard. Here follows a report from our 2016 company ski trip to Zermatt.


Magnolia company ski retreat 2016


Every year we take a few days away from the office and head to the mountains for our company retreat. So in November 2016 team members from Basel, Madrid, and Ho Chi Minh City traveled together to Zermatt to eat fondue and enjoy the slopes.

Working as they do for a Swiss-based company, many Magnolians are proficient skiers. Other Magnolians are proficient snowboarders. Then there is a subsection of Magnolians who are proficient at neither. During the retreat, a small group of this subsection decided to take first steps towards proficiency.

 Greetings from the slopes


Up up up they went, 3000 meters, with snow blowing in their faces and their fingers freezing through their gloves. Did they think of turning back? Maybe. But did they actually turn back? No, not till after lunch.

Despite the cold and the wind, four brave Magnolians not only learned the snowplough, they even mastered the snowplough turn. They made it down the slope several times, sometimes faster than intended. There was also one point when a Magnolian went off the slope entirely into the freshly powdered snow. However all agreed that they would ski again in the future and that the nerves of skiing for the first time were better handled as a team.

After which they went back down the mountain to join the proficient skiers and snowboarders for a drink. 

Like to join us at our next ski retreat? Check out our current job openings or get our job updates on Twitter.


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