Webinar retrospective: Building modern responsive sites quickly with Magnolia

Published on November 19, 2015 by Tomas Gregovsky


Early in November, I presented a webinar that was (mostly) for Magnolia front-end developers.


Based on the feedback they gave, participants appreciated how the webinar combined many practical topics and techniques into a 30 minute live demo. Also, the whole demo was done with just an installation of Magnolia and without any IDE or Java coding. Developers could work with just the command-line and their favorite text editor.


During webinar attendees learned about these topics:


Magnolia’s content apps

  • How to create them directly in running Magnolia

  • How to modify them

  • How to use Magnolia’s REST API to import data into content apps

  • How to render static data from a content app using cmsfn

  • How to render list of data from a content app using AngularJS and the REST API



  • A quick tour of the Magnolia REST tools app (which use the Swagger UI to make it easy to explore and test REST APIs)

  • REST API JSON format structure and how to use it with AngularJS


Bootstrap framework

  • Magnolia’s Bootstrap framework module, which provides 2 basic page templates and 5 basic components to give you a fully editable and responsive layout

  • How to reuse the module for your projects

  • How to add new components

  • How to quickly apply and import custom styles



  • How easy is to get AngularJS into Magnolia

  • How to use AngularJS and the REST API to render lists of data from a content app


Light development / configuration by file

  • How to configure Magnolia to use file-based configuration

  • How nice it is to work with resources like CSS and Javascript on the filesystem

  • Basic use of YAML template configuration


In addition to these key points, I also provided tips on how to speed up Magnolia development by using the Neat Tweaks JCR configuration app instead of regular JCR configuration.


With so many topics for a 30 minute demo, I focused on speed and simplicity.  My idea was to show webinar attendees a good range of the possible ways to build a project. If every attendee found one or two practices to reuse or try, I’ll be glad. Speaking of speed, while the webinar demo took around 30mins, I did use some prepared styles and Javascript that took me a few hours to prepare. The project you saw at the end of webinar was done in around 2.5 hours in Magnolia. I think that’s really cool.


Watch the full webinar here.


If you have any follow-up questions or ideas for next front-end oriented webinar, please share them with me at tomas.gregovsky(at)magnolia-cms.com . Thank you!


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